WE only sell what we think you need

Every one of our bicycle components is chosen for a reason.

We use lightweight steel frames because they are comfortable to ride but still light enough to carry.

We spend over double what our competitors do on tyres and wheels because where they see an area to increase their margin we see an opportunity to give people something that will last for years.

We use Brooks Cambium saddles because they are comfortable to ride from day 1 to day 1000.

Every bicycle comes with a detachable folding mudguard included as standard. This folds up to the size of a postcard and fits comfortably in your back pocket, so you get protection from the rain when you need it and not when you don't.

Some things should be complicated but riding a bicycle isn't one of them. Because of this we've made some of the fiddly decisions for you, while still letting you personalise your new ride. After all - who wants to spend hundreds of pounds on something that's just like everyone else's?

We sell such a great bike for such a reasonable price because we are in this for the love. We want to get people on bikes and pay our rent, not a lot more. This, combined with the fact that we only sell direct and never through distributors means we are able to operate with low margins, do what we love and supply you with a fantastic bike for a fantastic price. Everyone's a winner.