People should stand for things. Nobody can be all things to all men, nor would you really want to to be honest, it sounds exhausting. But I thought it worth jotting down some things we are, and some things we’re not.

We’re steel and cotton, not carbon and pvc.

We’re jeans, not a lycra onesie.

We’re leather shoes, not clip-in cleats.

We’re elegance and practicality, not flowers in a basket on a one-tonne tank.

We’re about exploration, not improving our personal best times.

We’re about freedom, not following the crowd.

We’re cups of tea, not electrolytes and Lucozade.

We enjoy getting from A to B, because willing time to pass means you’re doing the wrong thing.

We wait at the lights, because the same rules apply for everyone.

But most of all we’re inclusive, never a club.