A big part of what we do is weighing up what represents value for money. The price of our bicycles is a key part of our service, and while we’d like to be able to spend the world on every component the reality is that we have to keep the cost under a certain point to pay the rent.

One of our biggest bug bears with the market as it stood before we started was the pittance spent by bike brands on the tyres a bike came with. So many people we knew immediately had to swap them out since they weren’t up to the job, and we are so keen to avoid this that we spend around 2-3 times what our competitors do on tyres.

We fit our bicycles with the Panracer PT tyre. Made in Japan, the PT in these badboys’ name stands for “Puncture Technology’ - we’ve done the research, we’ve talked to a lot of people who’ve used them for a long time and the long and short of it is that these things are The Shit. 

However, this awesomeness is reflected in their price. The RRP for these tyres is £50 for the pair. That’s a lot. For context, of the two brands we are most often compared to, one spends under a fiver and the other under a tenner on tyres. Remarkably some of the more budget options spend even less. To us this is madness, there is nothing worse than buying a new bicycle and immediately slipping around and getting punctures, or that sensation that you’ve bought something that isn’t quite ready yet.

Here’s to awesome tyres and doing the best you possibly can with the money available.