Female cycling is an issue very close to our heart. There is absolutely no reason why cycling should be less popular with the finer sex, yet there are proportionately far fewer ladies currently doing it in the UK. This bothers us.

Our bikes are unisex. They were dreamt up with both genders in mind, if anything we probably thought more about women than men. The reason for this is because we feel women have thus far been mistreated by the bicycle industry, having been supplied with patronising flowery designs on bikes more similar in weight to a tank than a typical bicycle.

Countless times we have seen women riding supposed “men’s” bikes over the years. We can’t think of an occasion where we have seen the reverse. This seems odd. To be lightweight and elegant is obviously not mutually exclusive. Hence why we feel women have been losing out. Given that proportionately far fewer women currently cycle we believe that with the right equipment women are most certainly the future of city cycling.

Weight is so important, and it is something that has been completely ignored in the female market. The total weight of our bicycles is 9kg. This is the same as one of the larger rubber dumbbells in the gym. It’s not a feather, but it is most definitely not heavy. Just as many women live on the 4th floor as men do, and we all need to be able to carry our bikes if we live in the city.

A Dutch bike has a curved top bar which makes it borderline impossible to carry. Ours have a flat top bar which reduces weight and allows you to stick it on your shoulder. Both of these factors also mean that you can do practical things like hang your bike on the wall. Most Dutch bikes would rip the plasterboard clean off.

Our bikes are good for women is because they are not designed for women. Or men. They are designed for people, not for men under the premise that women might occasionally use them and not for women with the mistaken belief that they needed to fulfil a certain number of utterly outdated criteria to be ‘girl’s bikes’.

So if you still subscribe to that anachronistic ideal, look somewhere else for your new set of wheels. If you live in the 21st century, come see us and we’d love to get you out on the roads on something designed for your actual needs.