I want to talk about the best time in the year for cycling. February.

I’m not a sport cyclist. I ride as a mode of transport rather than timing myself or fully understanding what the term “cadence” means. As a result what I really want from cycling weather is three things - a comfortable temperature, a speedy arrival and dryness. When it comes to temperature the true beauty of cycling in winter is that try as you might it’s very hard to break a sweat. You can cycle a lot harder than you might in summer without arriving at your destination with the appearance of someone who has just come out of a Bikram Yoga session. This also takes care of requirement number 2 - speed - in that without getting changed in to full lycra one can hammer it along at a pretty serious pace without getting uncomfortable.

The best part though, and the part that perhaps jars most with our folk understanding of the seasons, is the fact that according to the Met Office February is the second driest month of the year. The driest is July, which in my opinion is far too hot to do anything apart from sit outside pubs and complain about the oppressive heat.

So crack on a pair of gloves and hop on the saddle. It’s fashionable to whinge about winter, but there is so much that is awesome about it. Get out there and take advantage of those dry days.